Market Application

Welcome to Tønsberg Medieval Festival 2024

Dates: June 7-9th

Our market has some of the best craftsmen in Europe and is among the biggest medieval
markets in Scandinavia. The visitors are interested in historic crafts, weapons, clothing,
jewellery, food, instruments and a lot more.

To take part in the market with a stall, we need an application. Answers will be given

This year, the theme is The King Commands in connection with the National Law Jubilee
(Landslovsjubileet). There will be a knight tournament, great music and exciting activities for
all ages.

Stay tuned to our website throughout the spring for the full programme

After registration, we will get back to you with more information about location, parking,
facilities and area map.

You can come to the area from Tuesday June 4 th and the market stall must be ready to open
no later than Friday June 7 th at 3pm

It is not allowed to drive in the area on:
June 4 th at 8.00am-14.00pm or
June 5 th at 8.00am-14.00pm or 16.00pm-20.00pm

The market stalls are open during the festivals opening hours:
Friday June 7 th at 17.00pm-20.00pm
Saturday June 8 th at 11.00am-18.00pm
Sunday June 9 th at 11.00am-16.00pm

NOK 800 for stalls that have sales and demonstrate crafts
NOK 1,600 for stalls that mainly have sales

Contact person:
Festival coordinator: Kine Granholt Lundervold, tel. + 47 45 22 57 42

We offer:

  • Security guard evening and night (Wednesday-Sunday)
  • Fire equipment
  • Access to sanitary facilities
  • Access to breakfast, hot water and coffee
  • Wood for fire pans (depending on weather conditions)

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Will you practice your craft on site?
Est. time of arrival

Michael Andrews is a merchant who has participated many times during the festival, and this is what he has to say:

I’ve always been very happy to come to Tønsberg middelalder festival. It’s always an interesting mix of traders and entertainment from all over the north and also from further afield. The guests are always happy, there’s just a good atmosphere. It’s also a very historical town to be able work in and the view is magnificent. See you in the apple and roasted almond stand!
Regards “eppler manden” eller” mandel Mike” 

MGA. Michael Andrews